Purchase in Lithuania is sent through courier service. Shipments are usually delivered between 08:00 and 18:00. The Recipient’s name, full address and telephone number must be specified before the courier can contact you to arrange a convenient delivery time.
All orders in Lithuania are received before 13:00. (GMT +3: 00) will be shipped the same business day. The time of receipt of the order is the time when the full payment is credited to the Seller’s bank account.
If your order is placed after 1:00 pm, it will be shipped the following business day (Monday – Friday at the latest).
Orders placed over the weekend will be shipped on Monday.
In most cases, the shipment must reach the Customer the next business day after shipment (eg if the purchase is shipped on Tuesday, it will reach the Customer on Wednesday). Delivery to residents of smaller cities can take up to two business days. However, the seller accepts no liability or liability for the deadline for delivery by third parties.
If the goods are not received by the Customer and the courier returns them due to an incorrectly specified address, the additional shipping costs will be borne by the Customer. The price will be recalculated as soon as it is returned to JSC Ferbui. The Customer will be contacted immediately and informed.
We also ship your jewelry purchased abroad in our online store. Delivery time and cost abroad depends on the country or region.
JSC FERBUI insures each parcel until it is delivered to the address specified by the Customer. Upon receipt of the parcel you will have to sign that the parcel has reached you successfully. From that point on, you are responsible for your purchase. If the recipient of the purchase is a person other than you (eg in the case of a gift), the signature of such recipient will also be considered a confirmation of receipt and transfer of responsibility.
All jewelry comes in original and solid packaging – our curated and custom made J-boxes and gift bags.
If you have any special requests or questions, call us at +370 600 22700 or email info@ferbui.com
Would you like us to present a flower with a jewelry gift ?! We can, it is important to know your wishes.


All of our jewelry comes in original and solid packaging – our curated and custom-made boxes and gift bags.
Each piece of jewelry has its own passport, which contains all the information about the piece of jewelry you are purchasing – name, weight, materials, date of purchase. A jewelry passport gives you the opportunity to renew your jewelry item once a year for free, i.e. remove dirt, polish or foresee the surface, check the pebbles for firmness and, if necessary, anchor them.
Our exclusive attention to detail.



Inc. code: 305254176
Address: Baltijos st. 59 – 1, Kaunas
A / S: LT614010051005119055
We are flexible. Even with payment issues.


All jewelery that is created, manufactured and sold at our Jewelry House complies with international and international quality standards set by the Lithuanian Assay Office.
All jewelry sold in JSC FERBUI showroom and online shop www.ferbui.com are labeled with quality labels that comply with legal requirements: luxury, gemstone certificates, and responsibility marks.
The quality of construction of all precious or semi-precious stones jewelery is preceded by special equipment, which ensures that the products are delivered to the customer only with high quality inlaid stones.


It is best to store the jewelry in special jewelry boxes separated from each other so that the surfaces of the individual jewelry do not touch each other and avoid scratching.
Non-wearing jewelry, especially made of silver, can change its color and oxidize (darken, blacken). Under no circumstances should they be cleaned with toothpaste or other household products. They should be carefully wiped off with a soft cotton cloth or special polishing cloths for silver and gold. This cleaning will not help to remove scratches, but will help to restore the original color of the jewelry and give it a shine. Please note that this type of cleaning is not appropriate if the jewelry is specially oxidized, rhodium plated or gold plated, then it is better to entrust the cleaning to the jeweler as you can scrub the specially prepared surface.
It is harmful to store jewelry, especially made of silver, in the bathroom or other damp rooms, because moisture promotes oxidation.
It is best to remove the rings, especially with gemstones, when using soap, shampoo, cream or other cosmetics as the stones lose their shine and dirt builds up.
It is advisable to remove jewelry when doing household work as chemicals can adversely affect the surface of jewelry and promote oxidation. Take special care of pearls as they are lost.


When you purchase an item in the store or by email check the quality immediately at www.ferbui.com to ensure that the item is free from defects. If a defect is discovered immediately, contact the Seller as soon as possible. You can replace or return an item of poor quality by email. The item may not be accepted or replaced if you have not notified the Seller within a reasonable time of noticing or should have noticed the defective item. The item must be delivered or sent by registered mail / courier to the address Rudaminos g 1a / 1, Kaunas. We will pay for shipping costs.
Pursuant to the Government of the Republic of Lithuania Resolution no. July 22 Resolution No. 738 Approved Retail Regulations above, quality jewelry is non-replaceable and non-refundable unless the seller agrees to accept or replace the item. This rule applies to local jewelry stores.
Pursuant to EU online commerce rules, a Customer who has purchased a jewelry item via email at www.ferbui.com, has the right to return the item for any reason within 14 working days. The customer must deliver it or send it by registered mail / courier service to Rudaminos 1a / 1 Kaunas. email info@ferbui.com. In this case the Customer shall bear the cost of shipping the Goods.
El. the returned quality product purchased in the shop must be in original, neat packaging with the returned Jewelry passport, quality certificates / labels affixed to it, not worn, without loss of trade appearance, and without signs of mechanical damage due to the Customer’s fault.
UAB FERBUI has the right not to take back the product and not to refund if the quality packaging and / or quality certificates / labels are damaged or wear marks are visible. In this case the Customer has the right to take back the item.
The Customer must submit a written request with the item stating the reason for the refund and the Customer’s bank account number for the refund. A signed request can also be sent in a scanned email to info@ferbui.com.
Please send the parcel to the above address by registered mail or by courier service with delivery to the recipient. The registration number of the consignment must be kept.
By the time the returned item reaches UAB FERBUI, it is the Customer’s responsibility and responsibility, so when returning the item the Customer must make sure that it has been properly packaged or will not be damaged during shipment.
Upon receipt of the returned item, if all conditions for refund are met, the money shall be returned to the Customer within 15 business days to the account specified in the written request.
JSC FERBUI reserves the right to return consumer goods that have been purchased via email. at www.ferbui.com to check with the Lithuanian Assay Office to make sure the item is returned as shipped. This is especially true when buying goods with diamonds. Only after receiving the results of the analysis JSC FERBUI will refund the money. This can take up to 14 business days.
In accordance with EU online commerce rules, the Customer is not entitled to return any quality product purchased at www.ferbui.com that was specifically ordered for the Customer (not in stock and stated prior to purchase), unless otherwise agreed by the Parties.
Individual ordering from www.ferbui.com (when the item is out of stock and ordered and / or made specifically for the Customer) is only possible for refunds if the item is of poor quality. The cost of the return is paid by FERBUI JSC.
If the Customer does not receive the item and the shipping company returns it due to an incorrectly specified address, the additional shipping costs will be borne by the Customer. The price will be recalculated as soon as it is returned to UAB Ferb. The Customer will be contacted immediately and advised.In the event of a return or change of product, any dispute shall be settled by negotiation. If the negotiations fail, the State Consumer Rights Protection Agency and / or the Lithuanian Assay Office shall be consulted, who may advise whether the claim is justified.


  1. The pawnshop provides loans to individuals and companies for pledged precious metal items, as well as cars for lorries and construction machinery.
  2. The loan is granted for one month. After paying interest, the loan can be extended.
  3. The interest depends on the amount of the loan.
  4. The mortgage loan issued at the time of the pledge must not exceed 80% of the valuation amount.
  5. The Lombard shall repay the pledged property only when the Lombard’s contributions are fully covered.
  6. Loan percentages are set monthly.
  7. In the event of non-repayment or extension of a mortgage loan within the prescribed period, Lombard shall be bound for another 30 days. If the Customer fails to make such payment after this deadline, the Lombard shall sell the pledged property.
  8. In the event of the loss of a secured or pledged property, the pawnshop shall return the property to the owner at the price stated on the pledge ticket, after deduction of any costs and interest.
  9. The property pledged to the pawnshop may be seized without the consent of the owner only in the manner prescribed by law.
  10. Disputes between Lombard and the Client shall be settled by court.
  11. Deposits are accepted from persons under 18 years of age, on presentation of a passport or other personal identification document.
  12. In the event of the death of the client, the property shall be returned to the heir solely on the basis of the notarial certificate of succession.
  13. If you lose your loan ticket, notify Lombard immediately.
  14. When redeeming the property, the Customer shall present a passport and loan ticket.